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2D & 3D design


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We manage, extend and meticulously update our own cluster of CAD software.
This carefully thought-out software stack is used to create, inspect and optimize engineered drawings in a variety of CAD services applications.

Our CAD-stack is fully integrated in to our proprietary and renowned workflow. Where we start from 3D-scanning and on-site-surveys through digital modelling and lead-out to (3D)-printing and project management.

Not only do we like to ‘think outside the box’, we make it our mission to know how the box is made, how it fits between other boxes and how we can build that box faster, better and cheaper.

Beyond CAD


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BIM or Building Information Modelling takes the CAD 3D-concept a step further.
The BIM – workflow starts out with creating an intelligent 3D model. This model enables document management, coordination and simulation during every step in the lifecycle of a project.
This lifecycle consists of 4 stages: Plan – Design – Build – Operate. Each stage has his own challenges which BIM provides an answer to.

BIM is used to design and document every piece of a project, be it architectural or civil engineering.

This enables the designer to rapidly explore various options in the early stages of development, with optimal transparency to the stakeholders. The same model gives detailed design documentation for the construction as well as a solid foundation for the maintenance and operational guidelines when the project is finished.

Visuals, branding & video


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Our graphics department specialises in bringing the CAD – designs to life.
Not only do we deliver photorealistic still 3D images, but the same high standards apply to our animated work.

Spread the word


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Autodesk AutoCAD is Autodesk's number one CAD software and is wildly popular with a diverse audience for its industry-specific toolsets such as architecture, electrical and mechanical.

The multidisciplinary BIM software Revit is specifically designed for the construction sector, but is widely applicable. Thanks to Autodesk Revit, you and your team of architects, constructors, CAD draftsmen, structural draftsmen and installers work together in one central 3D model.

By using Autodesk Inventor correctly, you know your design will work in real life and you will deliver a better product faster at lower development cost. Simulate, validate, optimize, parametric design, and product configuration are just a few of Autodesk Inventor's capabilities that reduce your costs.

Regardless of whether you are an architect, building manager or supplier in the construction industry, BIM is indispensable in your sector. Great,because Building Information Modeling (BIM) comes with enormous benefits. To take advantage of the benefits, you need more than just software. To work smoothly in BIM, it is essential to also use the tools of your software optimally, whichs is best learned in a BIM training.

Advance Steel
Steel is detailing software built on the trusted AutoCAD platform. Use the software to speed up design, steel detailing, steel production and steel construction.

Plant 3D
AutoCAD Plant 3D is specially designed for engineers and designers who are involved in the realization of complex designs in the chemical and process industry on a daily basis. With Plant 3D you can design, draw and document process installations, piping and steel structures.

Autocad Mechanical
AutoCAD Mechanical is widely used software in mechanical engineering and was created to speed up the design process. Mechanical has a large number of built-in skills that a mechanical draftsman or constructor can use.

KeyShot is the fastest and easiest 3D rendering software available today. With just a few clicks you can create photo realistic images and animations of your 3D model. You can color the model by means of drag-and-drop. Create photo realistic images and animations in real time.

Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D is MAXON's professional 3D software. The software can be used for many and diverse creations. It is very suitable for making motion graphics, info graphics, product and architectural visualizations, medical animations, 3D print models and 3D content for (online) games. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!



We invest in longterm relations with our customers. Each of our client-accounts spans multiple large projects.



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